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Chứng Thực

Chào Bạn Đồng Hành Thế Giới,

Cảm ơn các bạn về tour Du lich vừa qua của gia đình chúng tôi đi Thái Lan. Tôi phải nói thật là tuyệt vời! Dịch vụ của các bạn thật là hoàn hảo như: Khách Sạn, Nhà Hàng, Xe va đặc biệt là hướng dẫn viên người Thái Lan ( Nhiệt Tình và Chu Đáo). Phong cảnh và con người đất nước chùa Tháp này  làm cho gia đình chúng tôi thấy 5 ngày tour Bankok & Pattaya thật là ngắn.
Chắc chắn tôi sẽ giới thiệu bạn bè của chúng tôi cho các ban.
Chúc các bạn Thành Công hơn trong tương lai!
Cảm ơn các bạn nhiều!
Nguyễn Yến Nhi

Yến Nhi - Sài Gòn!

Dear Thong and Tu,

My mom and brother arrived here in the Philippines safely. They have very good stories and memories about the places that you brought them and the excellent service and hospitality that you both provided.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you deeply and profusely for taking good care of them and ensuring that the`ll have a very good trip in vietnam.

Rest assured that I`ll definitely recommend both of you to my friends and relatives who are planning to go to vietnam. And of course if I go on a trip to vietnam again which I intend to do, but not yet in the near future!:)

Thank you Tu also for the coffee and cookies that you gave me, my mom and my brother.

Best regards and more power to your business,

Marge ( Philippines)

Dear Mr. Tu
Once again- thank you very much for the successful Vietnam/Cambodia tour.
Everybody in the group has been more than satisfied and this very much
thanks to you and your excellent service. Thank you very much again and hope for your service next time I have a group.
Best regards to you and your family from your friend and partner
Mr Hubert
HK Travel

Hubert - HK Travel ( Sweden)

Hallo Mr Tu,

Many thanks to You for perfect guiding in Vietnam. We both felt as if You were more like a friend than a guide. I have known Hubbe as a friend since 2-3 years ago because we have lots of same friends and his travels feels like we are a big family.

Attached You find photos from my office (the yellow house) last winter (090), Hubbe and You on the river (280), my youngest daughter Ellinore 26 years old (103) and my wife Lisa in Vietnam (088). 

If You, or friends, want to make business in Europe and Sweden especially or want to emigrate as businessman to Sweden my company Interswede Jurist AB can help You and Your friend. Now You have my address and numbers to contact me.

Once again THANK YOU for friendly helping in Vietnam.

If we have friends or familymembers that will go to Vietnam, I will give them Your name and numbers, if it is OK for You!


Best regards Örjan and Lisa Swing


Kyrkogårdsgatan 8 B


tel 004618129057

Professionell juridik på ett medmänskligt sätt”

Örjan and Lisa Swing ( Sweden)

Hi Mr Tu,
Hope you and yr team is great there. I just open my mail my thinking
to write and just say hello to you. FYI, till now my family still talking
about our trip to Vietnam and how enjoy we are especially my wife
who really enjoy to shopping there. It was a great time and really
convenient once we at the hotel and it`s really near with the market.
Almost every night we went to the night market.
Also my compliment to Mr Thong that really take care of my group
very well. Even this is my first time went to Vietnam, I know about
the people and the place base on the explanation from Mr Thong.
Hope that I will came again to Vietnam and maybe we can see each
other and talk more about yr country.
Again, thank you very much from my group to you and yr team.
Best regards


``My Tour Guide, My Friend``

I have known Tu Nguyen or David as he is popularly known for three years now. During that time I have used him for six tours (including inspection tours) Hanoi (3), Ho Chi Minh City (1), Central Vietnam Hue, Danang, & Hoi An (2) and I will continue to use him for Vietnam tours. Why? He has never failed me once.
The incentive tours that I organize are unique experiences that i try to give to my participants  failing which it would be a failure. The recent trip to Central Vietnam (22-28 July 2011)  involved some tricky logistics like connecting flights, welcome dinners, gala dinners, gifting programmes etc. Everything was handled without a hitch.
David has found me some out of this world restaurants like Au Lac House in Hanoi, Lien Hoa in Hue, Hoa Tuc in Saigon that I would not have been able to take credit for.
You want to use him for your Vietnam tours. he will do his best to negotiate for you the best available rates from the hotels, be it the 5 stars or the 3 stars. The transportation company or the coaches/touring buses that he has provided for many of my tours have been late models and top-notch ones.
When there is a hiccup, David focuses on the solution rather than the problem and immediately rectifies the problem. You will truly appreciate having a business partner like that especially in handling some problems that requires dealing or communicating with the local suppliers.
I believe while his business has grown over the years that I have known him, he remains as personal as the first day I saw him. His level of personal care that he puts into your projects are clearly visible. Don`t bet against him emailing you a confirmation of your hotel choice at 2 am in the morning. He will take care of your needs whether a couple , a small group or a group like mine of sometimes over 80 paxs.
You can experiment with the other tour guides or companies out there but why. To me he is reasonably priced, very high touch/high level of service, not afraid to tell you when you are wrong sometimes, gets you what you want.
I will continue to use David for my upcoming tours to Sapa Valley and Dalat. Jokingly I have always said to him that if I ever write a review for you and you climb up the ranks and get big-headed he just smiles at me and says "Good huh"
Thank you David. See you in Vietnam again soon!
Daniel Chua

The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2011

A Member of OCBC Group



"Wonderful Vietnam Tour "

Our tour of Vietnam was considerably enhanced by choosing World Mate Travel as our tour operator.


The 10 day itinerary of south, central and north Vietnam was creatively put together to cover all of the things we wanted to see including many excellent suggestions to enhance our experience.


We travelled in style on a private tour for under US$2000 for the two of us (that’s less than $1,000 per person!).  This included:

  • Comfortable 3 star accommodation in very good locations
  • At least 2 meals a day and most in top class restaurants
  • Private air conditioned and late model cars with a driver and well informed tour guides.
  • All internal travel by plane, train and boat
  • Entrance fees

Tu Nguyen who owns and operates the business had 10 years experience as a tour operator before going out on his own so he has excellent connections throughout Vietnam which added to our wonderful experience. He caters for individuals as well as big groups. We were fortunate to have him as our guide in the northern part of our trip where his charm, courtesy and knowledge added an extra dimension.


We were so impressed by our tour with World Mate Travel that we are planning another trip with our extended family so that they can share the experience. We thoroughly recommend his services.


Andrew and Pat - Australia

Andrew and Pat - Australia

Dear Mr. Tu,
Siem Reap was very nice. The local travel agency was efficient, had a lot of flexibility and the manager also called us to check about the quality of the services. We are now in Bangkok and tomorrow we will be flying back to Spain. We will recommend your agency to our contacts. The trip was very nice. Kind regards.
MARIA - Spain

MARIA - Spain

Dear Tu,

I think Denise emailed you already. Denise is a friend of Dr. Lise. We both had a wonderful trip to South Vietnam. The guides were professional, the food was excellent (we love Pho and ate the vegetarian soup times at Pho 2000 in Saigon). Everything exceeded our expectations, so thank you very much for setting up a great tour. As I usually travel twice a year to Thailand, I`m sure I`ll take advantage of your tour services again. Denise and I were talking about Laos in the future. Anyway, best wishes and I`ll certainly pass your name to anyone who is thinking about traveling to Vietnam.
Maria - USA

Maria - USA

Hi Tu,

The tour and the guides were wonderful.  I will definitely use your services the next time I return to SE Asia. Thank you for paying attention to all of the details that result in an enjoyable trip. 
Regards to you and the guides,
Denise Plante - USA

Denise Plante - USA

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